Oscill8 = Bifurcation2

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Oscill8 is a suite of tools for analyzing large systems of ODEs, particularly with respect to understanding how the high dimensional parameter space controls the dynamics of the system. The suite includes

Why, you ask, is it "Bifurcation2?" Well, the goal of this tool is to allow a user to concentrate less on the details of bifurcation analysis, and more on the results obtained from that analysis. When dealing with models containing a large number of parameters, you need access to large amounts of graphical data revealing the bifurcation behavior of the model, and you need to be able to get this data rapidly. For most applications, the analysis is routine and shouldn't require user interaction with the software. Naturally, there are interesting systems that can't be analyzed without understanding a great deal about the mathematics involved and how to set and run the tool correctly, but this is not the typical case for biological models for much of the process.

Of course, any useful bifurcation tool should also expose the lower level, numerical control parameters to the expert user, and this is something that is include as well. There is a "raw" AUTO interface to satisfy the zealot!

The first official release will be made in Q1 2005. The old web interface has been replaced by a brand new .NET (and hopefully Mono or DotGNU very soon) interface written in C#. Click here to download from Source Forge.

Emery Conrad, 2005/03/17